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Real ECG Simulator
ECG Waveform Downloading Software


  • Reproduces an Analog 3-lead ECG waveform from 0.5 millivolts to 3.0 millivolts peak-to-peak for testing ECG Monitoring equipment
  • Can be calibrated to produce larger peak-to-peak ranges, such as 70 millivolt peak-to-peak, for testing Implantable Heart Regulating equipment
  • A wide variety of ECG waveforms from actual humans can be downloaded into the simulator, waveforms used are modified from database sources such as MIT Physionet
  • Several RealECG simulators can be ganged together to produce lead configuations larger than 3-lead
  • Battery operated for realistic patient simulation (floating ground); the unit can also be powered via a wall-plug AC-DC adapter (included)
  • Waveforms from other ECG records can be "inserted" on cue while running a particular waveform
  • A repeating waveform can be run which has been taken from a portion of an ECG waveform record
  • Rate can be varied with repeating ECG waveforms
  • PC software is used to download ECG waveforms into the simulator
  • Includes a repeating Standardization Mark 80 milliseconds wide and 1 millivolt high for calibrating ECG monitoring equipment
  • Uses Include:
    • Testing, Verification, and Calibration of ECG Monitoring Equipment
    • Development of ECG Monitoring Equipment
    • Development/Verification of ECG Interpretive Equipment
    • Devlopment/Testing/Verification of Implantable Heart Regulators
    • Training/Teaching Applications
Real ECG Simulator
ECG Simulator Device
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Items Included with Standard Purchase:

  • RealECG Simulator/Signal Generator
  • Wall-plug AC to DC Power Supply
  • Serial Cable for Connection to a PC
  • USB Serial PC Adapter
  • RealECG Software Suite
  • Batteries (10 AA size) Not Included

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Optional Cable to Connect 2 RealECG Units:

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